Allow Me To Introduce You To Louis Stewart

16 Apr

A friend of mine came to visit me and when I picked him up from the airport he was carrying this bright blue bag and im thinking WTF I never seen this so he gets inside the car first thing i say is OK whats the new bag?? I NEED ONE!! He tells me the designer name is Louis Stewart then start showing me pics of all his designs im like WOW! So you know i had to go to my trusty friend GOOGLE and do some research!! LOL Now im here giving it to you guys because you know i have to keep you guys updated on all the latest iish!!

Louis Stewart is a AFRICAN AMERICAN designer who use to design for Louis Vuitton but decided to leave to begin his own line. His bags are mostly seen with Celebs such as Lil Wayne and his artists Young Money/GED rapper Tyga and Drake also Miamiโ€™s Own The BOSS Rick Ross and Dwayne Wade and Denver Nuggets Carmelo Anthony! Remember who brought it to you because these bags are about to blow! The bags run from $8,000-$18,000. The styles are RIDICULOUS!! LADIES!! Dont Trip he does it for us as well!!! Tyra Banks loves his designs and she owns 8 of his bags herself!!


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