Material Girl Living in a LAiretam World! (Material Girl Spot Light Of The Week)

28 Sep

Meet the most humble,educated,sweetest Elite Socialite I know & Disney Channel’s own casting associate Shanti Saha! I effn LOVE LOVE LOVE this girl LOL…When it comes to the finest best believe Saha has it all…from the designer bags to the foreign cars…This Fashionista place no budget when it comes to shopping! She is the bona fide definition of a Material Girl! Sorry Natalie Nunn but Shanti RUN LA && the whole westcoast!!! Follow her fab life on Twitter! @GorgeousSHANTI

Shanti FAB in Royal Blue

Shanti In her Black Bentley

Black Card aka A girls Best Friend


One Response to “Material Girl Living in a LAiretam World! (Material Girl Spot Light Of The Week)”

  1. Ash January 31, 2011 at 10:22 pm #

    STOP it!! LMAO

    1. That is not her bently!
    2. She drives an old body lexus!
    3. Knowing her that wasnt even her black card, if it was dnt you think she would have showed her name smh!
    4. she’s built like sponge bob (sorry)
    5. She does not work for disney you people are really gulliable 9 times out of 10 she is tweeting from her bed!
    6. Educated?? High School graduation doesnt count! I know lots of people who went to FAMU with her and she didnt graduate, if she did that would have been a major accomplishment and as much as she likes to “floss” there would be a pic on her thousands of fb pics some where.

    7. she cant dress, really?? and anytime she ever has anything cute on it’s cos she borrowed. as far as louie’s and designer shit goes she has none, it’s borrowed too. please dont be fooled.


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