The REAL housewife of Atlanta! ♥♥♥♥ (Fashionista Of The Week)

9 Feb

Meet a REAL housewife of Atlanta! NO her house isnt in foreclosure , Her cars arent leased, && NO not all of her finances come from her husband! (NO KIM ZOLCIAK HERE) Ms Delicia has done very well for herself in the Model industry gracing covers of numerous magazines featured in the most elite music videos and has hosted the most elite parties and events around the world! I was thrilled that she allowed me to interview her about her and her family being that i know how most elite people of the industry like to keep their private lives PRIVATE!

Ms Cordon is the wife of  Marcus Vick (Brother Of NFL star Michael Vick) and a fantastic mother to their two beautiful kids. Not to mention she’s one of the BIGGEST fashionista’s i know!! She lives,breathes FASHION! Not many glamour models have that ability! Check out the interview and pictures if her fashtastic life below 🙂



TMOF:For the people who don’t know where are you originally from?
DC:I’m originally from Norfolk/Suffolk Virginia
TMOF:What is your nationality?
DC:I’m Italian & black
TMOF:As we know you are the wife of Marcus Vick How Long have you and Marcus been together?
DC:Almost 4 years
TMOF:How did you guys meet?
DC: I knew of Marcus from us both being from the same area code but I actually met him when I moved to Miami & he lived there while playing on the Dolphins. I would always see him out & about. He would always try to get my # but I would never give it to him lol! I finally gave him my AIM (Back in the A.I.M days lol) We were best friends at first, just mad cool. Marcus was nothing like the media made him out to be. So then one thing led to another & I knew it was meant!
TMOF: OMG! AIM days thats how you know ya’ll have known each other a long time (Laughing)…How do you feel about some people thinking that when a model is dating or in a relationship with an athlete she is just after his money and trying to get a quick come up.
DC:Well in a lot of cases that’s true but there are a lot of girls I know personally who are in relationships with athletes, some are obviously in it for the the “come up” & some are in real love. Shoot, if I was an athlete I would want a beautiful woman to spend my life with. LOL!!!  But in my case, I had the world on my own. I moved to Miami when I was 22 & made great money modeling & hosting events. I was living it up by myself!  I got in a relationship with my man & he got released from the Dolphins I got pregnant & things went down hill. I was living off savings & when that was gone, it was a struggle but I didn’t leave him because our financial issue went down, no. I had the baby & we both went out there & made shit happen. Like we are a REAL power couple people have NO idea lol! One thing I always knew how to do was go get it!!  But so many doors have opened up for us now & all I can do is thank God for humbling me. I am no longer trying to survive (In my Nicki Minaj voice..haha)
TMOF: You guys seem like you you’ve been threw a lot. & speaking of pregnancy I know that you and Marcus have two beautiful kids is he the daddy day care type of father or the ill spoil you while mommy discipline you.
DC:With our son he’s tough & gets him in check but with our daughter he is def. the Ill spoil you while mommy disciplines you type lol!

TMOF: Your Body is AMAZING to have had 2 kids how did you keep it up?
DC:I worked out while I was pregnant, but I can’t front Im not consistent @ all with my working out habits lol! Ill work out for a month straight then stop for two. SMH! LOL
TMOF: As we all can see you my dear dress to KILL and not many glamour models do that these days where does your since of style come from?
DC: Girl, Ive been into fashion since I was born lol! My mom use to have me so fab as a baby lol! But then my middle & high school days I was an athlete so I was a sneaker addict like I was the biggest female Jordan fan. I was the only girl in high school rocking “Real” Coogi & Versace, lol! Oh & Lets not forget Iceberg haha!
TMOF: Not the Ice berg! LOL…I see you’re addicted to Christian Louboutin is he the only designer shoe you wear?
DC: I just love SHOES! Christian Louboutin is one of my favorite designers yes, but I have lots of other designers too. Im even a big fan of Jessica Simpson’s shoes. If there cute ill rock um lol!!
TMOF: I have to agree i love me so JS platforms and I just fell in love with her intimacy line..How often would you say you shop? & whats the most you have spent at one time?
DC: Anytime I leave my house I shop smh! I use to be really bad, like i almost went to a psychiatrist about it LOL!! I think I spent the most when I moved into my condo in Miami. Furniture shopping is expensive lol!
TMOF:Whats the most memorable fashion moment of your life?
I was in LA for the BET awards maybe 4 years ago & I went to an after party at Kimora Lee’s house & I was sitting  there with Kimora, Lil Kim, Mary J Blige & Keisha Cole (Not to name drop LOL) & I had just got these new Louis Vuitton’s that I had been on a list forever for & they allllll were going off about how Fab they were & how Fab I was. I was 22 years old & I was like there biggest fan so u know that meant so much to me & made my whole year… matter fact that made my LIFE lol!!!!
TMOF: I would have died that night! Lol they’re all my fave’s my head wouldve been bigger than my whole body lol… I hate to wrap our convo up but before you go what advice would you give other mommy fashionista’s out there that’s trying to keep their appearance together and be a good mother all at the same time?
DC: Life is too short not to be Fabulous…. & Your kids are our future, make sure they understand that being smart & making good grades is the new “FLY” Good grades= New clothes & shoes… Kisses to all my Fly mommies!!!

Can We Say Fashionista?? ♥♥

Bloody Bottom Addict! & They’re REAL!! ♥♥♥♥


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