Hair Fact Of Today: Celebrity Hair International (GET YOU SOME!!!)

25 Feb

Hello My Fashionistas!! I’ve gotten A LOT of emails asking where I buy my extensions. Well to save all my luvies from wondering I order ALL of my hair from Celebrity Hair International owned by My sister Ms Morgan Lewis (@MsMorganMilan on twitter) She sells VIRGIN Brazilian and Indian Hair! From 12 inches to 30 inches in length! Her prices are VERY reasonable and the hair is GREAT quality! Thats why I was so happy when she began her hair line because i was spending so much money on PROCESSED remi hair as most of us do! I speak on quality so much because thats what extensions are all about the quality, thats where your money is going not the brand name (Saga Remy,Zury, Milky Way, etc)of the hair but the quality of the hair. At Celebrity Hair International we are all about quality.The better the quality the longer your hair will last. I know you are tired of wasting hundreds of dollars on store bought hair where you wear it once and its done or when you brush it its all over your floor well NO SHEDDING HERE!!! You can wash and reuse our hair, dye it if you like. Wear it like its YOURS!! Our hair will last you months with no problems! I have provided you with images below so you can see for yourself! I hope you are sitting down because you are DEF bound to fall in love with this hair!

♥♥♥ Owner: Morgan Lewis ♥♥♥


Indian Hair

Brazilian Hair

Wavy When wet & Easy to Straighten




Hair Fact: Processed hair is hair that has been relaxed,colored or chemically altered. When i say colored I mean hair that has been dyed and/or bleached! Relaxed hair is any hair that has been permed straight or wavy. Hair stores mark up the prices triple and quadruple what they pay from wholesalers!
Virgin Hair:This term refers to human hair which is still in its original state as harvested from the grower, and which has not been permed, colored, or chemically processed in any way


2 Responses to “Hair Fact Of Today: Celebrity Hair International (GET YOU SOME!!!)”

  1. ShannonLigon February 28, 2011 at 7:09 pm #

    Loooooooooove Celebrity Hair and @MsMorganMilan 

  2. jrocsworld October 1, 2011 at 1:28 am #

    I love Morgan!! Got to support my girls! 🙂

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