Fashion Leggings Never FIT so good!

15 May



My girl Angel Brinks ( Follow her on Twitter @AngelBrinks) has started her NEW fab fashion legging line and they have blew me out the waters! The stitching and prints on these leggings are more than breath taking! The price is RIGHT and they are UNIQUE!  These one of kinds fit ALL type of women when i say ALL i mean ALL from Short to tall Petite to plus size. I emphasize ALLLLL because as a curvaceous short woman myself i know how hard it is to find a CREATIVE fashion legging that fit PERFECTLY!  Not to mention she designs BODYSUITS! I know my closet will be FULL of Ms Brinks designs yours should too! Order yours TODAY  More photos below 

                  Hot SEQUINED leggings  

Hot Pink SEQUIN Leggings

DOPE body suit!! 


One Response to “Fashion Leggings Never FIT so good!”

  1. toya March 23, 2012 at 12:09 am #

    If you love sequin leggings and bodysuits check out

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