Love & Fashion

19 Dec


This Power Couple has Twitter going crazy every time they twitpic! Heather is a strong independent beautiful woman that every man wish they could have and Tarell swag and hustle make women sweat. LOL They’re love for one another (which they are not afraid to let the world know) is breathe taking but the way they compliment one another fashionably gets you at a lost for words!  why would they NOT be together right? Well Hate on Haters I give u guys major respect! Keep loving each other and keep making your haters mad!!! && keep being like heather would say GORCHESS!! 

Mr & Mrs Meeks 


He Put A ring on it! Dont let this Queen go Tarell!


One Response to “Love & Fashion”

  1. Ronnette December 19, 2011 at 10:02 pm #

    Yesss yesss yesss I LOVE THEM TOGETHER they are my idol couple my hip hop Lala & Melo, keep killing em y’all =* #TeamTreatherNY 😉

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