De Cordon Boutique NOW OPEN!!!!!

15 Dec

Wife Of Marcus Vick and a very good friend of mine Delicia Cordon Has Launched her new Clothing Line De Cordon and Website! Let me Tell you Now this line is already to DIE for! High quality material and worth EVERY penny you spend! Brace yourself because this line is Going to knock you off of your feet!  LOG ON NOW & ORDER!!!! 

Follow her on Twitter @MsDecordon & Model Featured in Ad @BrittanyDailey 

(From left to Right) Ms De Cordon In Electric Body Suit, Glitz & Glam Jump Suit, Multi Graffiti Tube Dress

Model Brittany Dailey In The Glitz & Glam Sequin Mini Dress


Loving My New Celebrity Hair

14 Dec

A week ago I ordered New Virgin Indian Hair from Celebrity Hair International for the second time and I can say im ADDICTED!!! The quality is AMAZING it DOESN’T shed even after you’ve washed it the quality doesn’t change its still very silky and NON-TANGLED!! I would recommend ANY woman of ANY nationality to go and order yours today!!!!  TO ORDER YOUR HAIR CONTACT MORGAN LEWIS @ CelebHairInfo@yahoo.comImage

*It Came wavy but I Straighten it! The picture to the left is what it looks like after you’ve straighten  The indian Wave.

Outfit Of The Day ♥

17 Sep

Shop This Look:

Dress: BCBG:$ 158.00 (Neiman Marcus)

Vest: Levis $70.00 (Levi Store)

Shoes: Steve Madden $175.00 (Nordstrom)

Bag: Chanel (Chanel Online Store)

Affordable Prices To Get This Look:

Solid Black Dress: $13.50 (Forever 21)

Denim Vest: $17.80 (Forever 21)

Red Booties: $55.00 (Bakers)

Black Bag:   $34.80  (Forever 21)

Fave Fashionista of the Week!

22 Aug

Hi my Fashion bugs, I dont know if you guys know this but I read A LOT of other fashion blogs and sites NOT only mine. Why? Because its a lot of fashion crazed people out there thats like ME people who arent into fashion just dont get me and my personality so when i read others blogs i feel more connected to the world like im NOT the ONLY one who goes crazy and do a happy dance when the new Giuseppe’s or the new Yves Saint laurent’s are released. LOL so what Im doing now on my blog is featuring other FASHIONISTA’s and FASHIONISTO’s and they’re site on my blog! Just as a fashion blogger to blogger appreciation.

So my first choice is Ms Stiletto Me Up! Her site is AMAZING you can get all the fashion gossip and new releases for MEN and women there! && Not to mention she is FIERCE! Her stiletto’s sit HIGH and wardrobe is SICKENING!

Meet E! Founder of StilettoMeup.Com

Check out her and her site out! Follow her on Twitter @StilettoMeUp and  her site Www.StilettoMeUp.Com for the latest and greatest in Fashion ❤

Stiletto’s Up

Sexy Shoe Sunday <3

7 Aug

Christian Louboutin “Very Mix”

Hola my fashion bugs! Sooo I was browsing the net and ran into these!

 My fashion anxiety went from 0-100 in less than 60 seconds  LOL  I had to get more info on them! 

 Only celebs i’ve spotted with these gorgeous babies is the Christian Louboutin QUEEN  Kim Kardashian

 and the beautiful Ms Jennifer Lopez in the metallic silver color.

So to me they’re pretty rare! which makes them even more HOT!

 They are made of strass

 ( A Glass containing a high amount of lead oxide and cut to simulate a gemstone.Named for its inventor Josef Strass.)

 and  sit  6 inches high can you say a SEXY SHOE ?!?!




Rich girls♥ Rich jewels

3 Aug

Rich Girlz Accessories 

I introduce my fashionista’s to rich girls accessories. When I first seen them i fell in love and you are about to as well. They are a very reasonable in price and has an expensive style to them.

Go order yours NOW @  Check the photos below for more! 🙂


Happy Customers 

The Ceo Ms Nessa 


22 Jul

I always say she’s the most put together cast member and she stay on point with a MEEEEAAANNN shoe game! I would think her store DULCE would be as put together as her and as much as she say its a COUTURE store you would think it was just that! SMH This sh*t look like something that belong in the d*mn flea market or in a strip mall next to a pizza parlor or something. How dare she sale shoes for a $1000 in that dump! get it together BOO BOO!! the thrift store looks better than this smh watch the video for pics and more smh this is so disappointing Because I actually like her style smh….SHAME!